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Barbara McCredie
Name Barbara McCredie
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Hobbies Manasquan Elks, Leading Knight
About Me I live in the small tight -kniited community of Manasquan, NJ...The Elks does many community service things that I am involed in from our Veterans, to our Special Children & most recently helpinf with Hurricane Sandy Relief
Barbara McCredie
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

I love you show, You always put a smile on my face...For 2 years now I have registared for your 12 days giveaway, With Hurricane Sandy hitted our area very hard this year I sure could use some cheering up. Although I did not lose my home, we were without power for 12 days & all my x-tra Christmas money was spent on gas for the generator & can items for household to keep everyone going. I donated my time during that time without power, helping other neigbours, I cleaned out my closets & donated 7 large bags of clothing, shoes, & blankets for those who lost everything.Currently working on selling some cute cuddly bears for a friend for Sandy Relief, every 10 I sell, I will be donating 1 for Toys for Totes. So many lost way more than me, but winning any of the gifts on the 12 days would brighten my Christmas Holiday, I wouldn't even keep all of the gifts myself, i would give some to my family but would also donate some to Squan Strong, a group that was formed by on of the most amazing women I have every met Dana Connelly, who formed this Group to help people affected in our hard it area of Manansquan, NJ...Everyday she is giving selfishly of her time & energy doing many, many wonderful things. She started out by collecting coats outside in the cold, moved to the firehouse & then to oue Elks Lodge ( I am The Leading Knight @ Manasquan Elks) our Lodge room transformed into a Relief Center, people who lost everything could come & pick up whatever they needed, It was Truely Amazing! They now are in a store front & keep going Squan Strong, I could go on & on about the things this woman has done & none of them do her justice! So in ending I ask not only that I may win something for my own family but for The Group "Squan Strong" ! It will certainly change people's lives here, our beachfront is distroyed & to add insult to injury last week a fire broke out on the beachfront affected 12 homes..Manasquan may be a small town, But we have the Biggest Heart! Thank You for your consideration! & LOVE your Show! Barbara