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Barbara Koynok
Name Barbara Koynok
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Hobbies Sewing,some knitting, and surfing the net, Like the ELLEN SHOW.
About Me My husband and I,we live in a Senior Mobile Home Park and we look after some of our neighbours houses while they retreat to Florida for the winter, I collect their mail every day and send it to them once a month,my husband looks after their houses every 3rd day to make sure nothing goes wrong,he also helps some neighbours when they cannot do something on their own,they allways know that they can count on him or us to help. We have 2 children,a Daughter and 4 Greandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren that live in Bet Shemesh, Isreal, a Son and 2 Grandchildren that live in Quebec, Canada,we are in our seventies and hope to still make a difference.
Barbara Koynok
Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
585 days ago

Sorry that I missed your show today,
The shooting in CT,
my heatrt goes out to all of the families and the families of the Adults that have lost thier lives,I am a Grandmother and a GreatGrandmother the lives of those little ones are our whole life for the future, we pray for all of them, and I pray for that your show "it will never end". I am 71 and love the humour and LOVE you send to us old folks every day to keep us going.
Thank you for being YOU

Barbara Koynok
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

Ellen you really "OUTSHINE" all the other Guests on your show all the time, you are "AWSOME",my husband and I just love to watch in the morning with our coffee it perks us right UP. YOU GO GIRL (YOU ARE STILL THE ONE) and ONLY.
Barbara & John

Barbara Koynok
Fans Celebrate Ellen and Portia's Anniversary
595 days ago

Congrat's on your 4th wishing you all the best with lots more to come in health & happiness,
John & I have just had our 47th and I am going to be "71" on Dec. 6,2012 we are allways watching your show and we think you are incrdible.
We desperately need more people like you to entertain us.