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Barbara Kellerman
Name Barbara Kellerman
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Hobbies I grow orchids and have studied metaphysics extensively. I love helping people heal themsleves.
About Me I am a retired Cardiology Nurse from the VA Long Beach Med Center. I raised two children as a single parent while working full time. Shirley is 48 and George is 47. they have both turned out to be exceptional people. Shirley is divorced and George is married to a Japanese lady and they have given me two lovely granddaughters. I love helping people.
Barbara Kellerman
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240 days ago

HI, I am a 76 yr old retired RN from the VA Medical Center Long Beach. I have a 48 yr old daughter, Shirley Kellerman, Who is in real need of a new car. Shirley works 2 jobs to make ends meet. She lives in Goleta, California. She is an independent contractor sports official for boys and girls, men and women's sports. She travels to games several times a week in her 1998 Chevy Blazer with over 300,000 miles on it. Her mechanic has keep it running pretty well but it has had no heat or cooling for the past 3-4 years. Her games range in distance from men's college lacrosse in San Luis Obispo to UCLA and other So Cal areas. When driving in the cold weather she puts on gloves, wool hat, heavy coats and then wraps a sleeping bag around her to keep warm. This makes quite a picture!! In the heat all she can do is open up everything and keep water nearby to drink and to pour over herself. Shirley has ADHA and has had a hard time finding permanent employment to supplement her game schedule altho she has recently found a job that does not require heavy lifting and such. She is a super hard worker who is fun and generous. People, especially the elderly and children really gravitate to her personality.
We both watch Ellen as much as we can and totally enjoy the show and her sense of humor. People have often commented that Shirley is like Ellen in her sense of humor and quick wit.
Shirley really needs a new vehicle and when I saw the "Need a new car" roll across the screen the other day decided to send in this short bio.
May your Holidays be full of Peace, Love, Health and Joy!!
Love, Barbara Kellerman