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Barbara Kane
Name Barbara Kane
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Hobbies I've been looking!!! I enjoy traveling, trying to make jewelry
About Me I love animals and have been thinking of taking my dog, who thinks every person she runs into is her best friend, to be trained to go to hospitals and put a smile on peoples faces. I've been married to a beautiful, inside and out, wonderful man for almost 37 yrs. (Feb. 26, 1977). I have 2 children. My daughter is 33, lives in San Antonio and a beautiful unbelievable smart, and my son will be 29, lives in Brooklyn. He received a masters in acting at Rutgers and is waiting for his break. I love my family as we have stuck together through every good and bad event.
Barbara Kane
Steven Tyler & Joe Perry Talk Summer Tour
100 days ago

If there's a chance for people at home to win tickets and Aerosmith is going to NYC, I would love to send my son and his girlfriend. Struggling to be theatre actors, needless to say, they can't afford the tickets. They are awesome people and deserve a night out. Thank you

Barbara Kane
Message from Ellen
121 days ago

Jason Bateman??? OMG I love him.

Barbara Kane
Win Day 11 of 12 Days!
128 days ago

The past three years have been the hardest years of our lives. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the following 2 weeks were a whirlwind, seeing surgeons, oncologists, radiologist. Thanks to God I have been cancer free since than. Since May 2013 I have had 3 knee surgeries due to a car accident. My husband, my rock, lost his mother. Things have just not gone our way. It's been one thing after another and there are things to private to share. I would love a break for myself or my husband. I love Ellen, as many do, but she brightens my day, everyday. Barbara Kane