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Barbara J. Bourne
Name Barbara J. Bourne
Location Albuquerque, N. M.
Age 57
Joined 223 days ago
Hobbies Cooking, Dog sitting, Gardening, and Computers.
About Me Never married, even though I tried too, no children, not working. I used to be in Real Estate and loved it. I have a great sense of humor, kind hearted to a fault, and love Ellen's show!
Barbara J. Bourne
Win a New Car from Hyundai Hope on Wheels
183 days ago

Ellen, I want to win a car!! I had to sell my GPS equiped and heated seat and rear camera and huge map dashboard incase I don't know where I am going! It doesn't happen that often. I am so skinny and cold that I would love heated fabric seats in my car. I was afraid of wrecking the car by watching the video and still carry the card in my purse for Road Assistance from Subaru. I just kept getting robbed and couldn't figure it out. After 4 re-keyings I found it was my former girlfriend. I was hired to help her clean her million dollar mansion in Santa Fe and she took my keys and copied them. I called the police 5 times. Then $200,000.00 later, I gave up and went to my attorney. I owe him $250.00 so nothing happened again! I am a good honest person and don't deserve this. Please help me out. I love your show and actually would love to be on the show. It would be a blast. I can teach you to make great New Mexico chili. Red Green or Christmas. Chili sauce and cheese enchiladas. Christmas is a little of both red and green. Thanks for the laughs. Mom's kicking me out of her room. I am 56 and have no retirement now.

Barbara J. Bourne
Win Day 7 of 12 Days!
222 days ago

I love JCPenney too! They have the best selection of Gloria Vanderbilt strech jeans in all colors! They are litterally like wearing nothing! I think they are a must have for the Holiday's because you can contantly eat without discomfort!!! Hahaha! I only am 5'3" 120Lbs. Now all my jeans are out of style due to the straight legs!!! ARGH! Ellen, I can't even retire my social security was used by someone else for years! I finally got him off, with a wonderfull $400.00 a month if I retired today! Only 57 years old, it'll be gone when I am 65!

Barbara J. Bourne
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
223 days ago

Thank you, Ellen, for making my day every single day! I have been a full time dog sitter, cook, dishwasher, pooper scooper, for my wonderfully strong Mom for 12 years! She survived the cancer and I would really love to give her something very special this year. I would take her anywhere and buy her anything! Thanks for showing so much love to your mom on the show too! Mom's are special! I will never be one but, make an excellant caretaker for all. We recently lost Mom's Daisey and Bishon Frize to Anemia. Mom, bought a rescue dog in Colorado for $250.00 and it was cage raised in a puppy mill for 5 years. Smokie is so afraid of me but bonded beautifully with mom. This means I just can't be in the same room or talk to mom as she barks and high tails it out the pet door. It's been three months and I can bearly touch her without her body going into a panic! Such is life. Happy Holidays Ellen and Porche!