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Barbara Gray
Name Barbara Gray
Location Arcanum, Ohio
Age 61
Joined 605 days ago
Hobbies Rescue dogs, horses, chickens, anything relating to animals.
About Me I am 59, lived my life for the sake of poor negelected dogs, my heart is bigger than my husbands. I live and sleep with 11 dogs, my husband sleeps downstairs. Ha. All my 11 is just a small part, I have a graveyard that my babies are, and stay close to me. I have at least 10 with ages of 20, other passed from medical problems. I lost my National Show Horse (1/2 Arab and 1/2 Saddlebread) 2 years ago. Shawn was 35. He was buried on my place. My only horse is Freedom - So - Fine a beautiful white pureblood Arab.Both of my horses came from CLINTON ARABAIAN NOW IN FLORIDA. When I take poor and neglected dogs I am able to do their shots, worming, but when it comes to spay and neutering, I beg all my resorts to help me - of course money is the issue, but if I have to sell a piece of jewelry, antique item - I find some way to take care of my dogs. I love them more than I can say. What I say as far as I am concerned. "1 DOG AT A TIME" I make a differnce - with just the help of my hubby. I do without all those goodies most women must have - my dogs need food, and meds... I can wait..My heart is so saddened to see the hundreds, millions dogs and kitties that are killed everyday. I can't take them all, I would though......I cry when I see the poor babies being killed, thinking I could have done something. Anyhow this is me. My love of nature, and all the wonderful animals that need someone.... just someone to give them a chance. Their hearts are open for love.They just need to find that person......God love them all. Wish I could do more......
Barbara Gray
Bethenny Frankel is Getting Crafty
475 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am a true loving friend. I am picking up on some NEGATIVE vibes between you and some of your guests. I noticed it today Wed. with Bethenny. Every time she is on your show you seem unhappy, and just don't know what to say. Like she is upstaging you. Also there have been other guests that talk and talk, and you seem not to be the center of attention so your beautiful smile fades. I don't know what is wrong, if you are just not feeling well, other problems, but for me to pick up on this, other people are too. I don't think anyone is trying to out do you in anyway, but your expressions, tell the whole story. I just wanted to tell you this because I am concerned about you. I am not being mean, just constructive to what I am noticing with you. Hope all is well and you feel ok. Love from Greenville, Ohio Barb

Barbara Gray
Ellen is Going to Australia!
485 days ago

Hi Ellen and Portia, glad to have you back in US of A. Love the pictures, especially the one you are standing by the hugh tree, and you and Portia sitting together on the boat ( that was really good.) :)) See you Monday - from Greenville, Ohio.

Love ya