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Barbara Gilchrest
Name Barbara Gilchrest
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Hobbies Reading, cats, raising monarch butterflies, cooking
About Me A retired lady, 3 grown children, and nine cats. My middle son is in Afghanistan which is how I learned about the Nowzad animal charity. I enjoy reading about history and am interested in geneology. I especially have a fascination with the supernatural, including ghosts, past lives and particularly after death communication.
Barbara Gilchrest
Keith Urban, Michael Ealy
271 days ago

Hello Ellen, I would like to nominate Nowzad dogs ( which is located in Afghanistan--a charity to relieve the suffering of animals in Afghanistan including companion animals, working equines and abandoned dogs and cats and all other animals in need of care and attention. They also provide education to the Afghan people on proper care and attention of their animals and develop training programs to improve the lives of working animals. Most importantly, they have reunited at least 550 soldiers with animals (dogs and cats) they adopted while serving there and had to leave behind. It costs around $2000 to ship an animal to an adoptee. Their website tells it all (their puppies, dogs and cats look just as dear as ours do) and the people who started this charity really risk their lives to continue to save these animals and to bring happiness to lonely service personnel, and to educate the native people on proper care of their donkeys, goats, chickens, etc. To quote their website, they have no voice but ours.
Thank you, Ellen, for all you do. Barbara Gilchrest