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Barbara Gamble
Name Barbara Gamble
Location Cheifland, Florida
Age 55
Joined 611 days ago
Hobbies Enjoy shopping, entertaining kids
About Me I think I am a loving and understanding person, enjoy entertaining people and watching them suceed.
Barbara Gamble
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589 days ago

Hi, Ellen I would love to win one of your 12 days of giveaway, simply because I am always giving and seem like it is about my time to receive,


Keep doing what tour doing its awesome


Barbara Gamble
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590 days ago

Hi, Ellen I am writing in for my daughter Shameka Gamble, she is probably gonna kill me for doing this, but she has been out of work for almost two years, she actually has nowhere to stay, as of Christmas she has 3 daughters and one soon to be step son. She is searching for somewhere to move to,can you please help her. I dont know if she watch your show but I sure do.oh