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Barbara Gabbe-Harris
Name Barbara Gabbe-Harris
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Hobbies cooking, clay (ceramics) teacher, traveling, photography, yoga
About Me retireed L & D nurse and former Art studio owner & professional photographer. Used to teach Macobiotic cooking.
Barbara Gabbe-Harris
Padma Lakshmi's Lentil Salad
561 days ago

I can't wait to make this recipe - I just printed out the recipe and was so disappointed that the recipe is not like the one demonstrated on T.V. today - It says nothing about chopping up the veggies and sauteeing in olive oil and the topping has ommitted the black mustard seed in the topping that Padma used. Is there a reason for this? I will make the recipe because it sounds lo yummy but I just watched the video again and I will do what Padma did on T.V. instead of following the written recipe. Darn! Wish I knew how many black mustard seeds to use! No mention at all in the recipe.