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Name barbara
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Hobbies helping others, gardening, cooking, spoiling my cat
About Me disabled, live alone, life is beautiful
Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
386 days ago

Monday's show with Diane Keaton was such fun! She is always so happy--classy, as well. You select THE BEST guests. And Jon Bon Jovi--oooh la la. Your show is so uplifting in so many ways.

Message from Ellen
389 days ago

Ellen, congratulations -- great anniversary show! Thanks for pointing out what we did not have 10 years ago--amazing! Have a great weekend! Looking forward to Diane Keaton on Monday--really like her. She has a contagious zest for life and laughing.

Matthew Fox and Ellie Goulding
390 days ago

Ellen, the family you helped on the show today seemed so appreciative of your good many needing jobs to take care of loved ones. You are a joy to those asking for a helping hand. Thanks for your kindness.

Zac Efron, Ed Sheeran and Rebel Wilson
392 days ago

Ellen, thank you for Hunk Week!! Also, I have been browsing your site and discovered your playlists, which I am checking out next. I may not have found so much information had I not entered the giveaways. Thanks for keeping your viewers informed.

Dennis Quaid, Kate McKinnon
396 days ago

Ellen, please know that Kate can never "take over" for you.
Dennis Quaid is always funny and a favorite of mine.
The Humane Society does such wonderful work.

Ellen, thank you for your generosity and sharing.

Madonna's Moving Words to Ellen
400 days ago

..."a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others"... well said. Each of us has a specialty in life to which this great message may be applied. Ellen, another one of your inspirations for those from all walks of life, seeking acceptance and love. Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed your Monday show--YOU, Madonna, her son, her dancers (wow!!), and so nice the two of you were chatting over champagne--your very own tea party, if you will. Friendship is a treasured find. Thanks for the memory.

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