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Message from Ellen
325 days ago

Ellen! Seems that your show is not on our local channel today--instead a lengthy program of tennis is being cast. Darn, that means I will miss out on your show today (Monday)...and also miss one chance this week to win. Look forward to your show Tuesday!

Sophia Grace & Rosie, Hayden Panettiere
332 days ago

I enjoyed the show Monday 8/26/13. The guy customer in Footlocker was hilarious!! Sometimes it's too difficult to buy shoes. Just a note--the answer choices for today's show didn't seem to include subject matter for the show, or maybe somehow I missed hearing that segment...this has happened several times. If I were to guess, I would have chosen Nike, but guessing is not really the point. It would be sooooooo great to win! I'll watch Tuesday and check in on the answer choices given. Never give up...never give in. Thanks!

Steve Harvey, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
342 days ago

Is it possible the Friday question was posted in error? It mentioned someone named Kat and a band, etc.? Did I just really miss something?

Good show today, Ellen, especially the Mark Twain Prize photos. Steve Harvey is so funny.

Staff, would someone please respond to my email? Thank you. Barbara

The Cast of 'Grown Ups 2'!
371 days ago

The cast of Grown Ups 2: what a bunch of great goofs with much talent!!! Thanks for the laughs today!

Talia was so beautiful and full of joy. Just keep swimming--a message from a young lady to everyone who needs a positive reminder. She will be missed by so many and will be the Cover Girl from Heaven.

Clint Eastwood, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette
372 days ago

Ellen!!! Clint Eastwood is such a nice, handsome, funny guy. He is one of the few men I can refer to as a hero--and oh so charming. And how nice that he is your neighbor! He radiates kindness, sincerity and class. Am certain he must hear these type of compliments all the time. For me, it's never too late to pass on comments that a person makes others feel warm and fuzzy. Please ask him to come back to your show soon. Here's an idea: once a month or so on your show, a Classic Clint Clip could be shown. Clint would appear on a clip to talk to Ellen about animal and nature happenings in the neighborhood. That would certainly appeal to Ellen's audiences. Just a thought from a lady who likes Clint, Ellen and all kind souls. If you run with the idea, I really like $100s :)

Jessica Simpson, Jimmie Johnson
374 days ago

Ellen, you were having so much fun in that car racing with Jimmie Johnson!! It gave me the feeling that you handle your own personal car(s) just as aggressively--you know what you are doing!! I too enjoy the pleasure of a car that handles well. It is thrilling!! Great show--Jessica Simpson is so beautiful. You are right; she is pregnant most of the time. She seems delighted. Also, thanks to you and your accommodating staff for this opportunity for your fans to perhaps win a life-changing giveaway. Thank you for your generosity!!!

Wanda Sykes, Dave Franco
377 days ago

Ellen, today your guest Wanda Sykes just cracked me up. Many years ago, I remember her early days of stand-up. She hasn't changed one bit--and gets funnier each time I see her. Harry Connick, Jr. and the little ladies tea time was so cute. I enjoy your show every day I can watch. It is my happy adjustment hour. Thank you for making a difference in others' lives!

Jennifer Lopez, Kyle Chandler
378 days ago

Jennifer Lopez is in such good shape. All that dancing really does it! Ellen, all your dancing makes you and all of your audiences happy! And it is good exercise! Thank you for having such terrific guests on your show. Your smiling face helps so many to better enjoy life. I am interested in more about the Gentle Barn; will search for it next.

Russell Brand, Wolfgang Puck
379 days ago

Enjoyed your show with Russell Brand today. He is a bit different. It's okay. After listening carefully, you can understand him and realize how funny he is. He is also very intelligent.

Velda has the right idea. Take care of yourself first.

Kaley Cuoco, Padma Lakshmi, Keone and Mariel Madrid
379 days ago

Ellen, your nieces are adorable!

Your only boyfriend is so special and sweet. You "stole the show" in the Padma segment!!!

Shakira, Bethenny Frankel
381 days ago

Ellen, your nieces are darling!! When they appeared, you lit up like a Holiday tree in December. As they grow, hope you will continue to bring them on the show. Thank you for sharing them with your viewers. Also, it was nice to see such happy expectant mothers.

Miley Cyrus, and 'Twilight'!
384 days ago

You just never know when Ellen is going to bring out male dancers. Miley seemed to enjoy as much as I did. Ellen, you always have such great surprises. Thank you. Also enjoyed the cat video--how cute. Cats are so much fun to watch. Am so happy for the military family. Ellen's generosity once again.

Jennifer Lawrence and an Incredible Surprise
385 days ago

Ellen, Jennifer's cat will surely thank you. How 'bout Jennifer sharing some of her energy...or the name of her vitamin pills. WOW!!!! Ellen, once again you helped so many people (lots of happy faces on your Thursday show). You are so kind.

Steve Carell, Justin Flom
386 days ago

Ellen, of all the people you scare, Tony is the funniest--he suspected your agenda when he told you upfront that he was on a stool...he is always a good sport about whatever you have planned for him. My mother delighted in scaring me as a kid--to escape, I got married just to leave her house. She was a great mother, God rest her soul.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Anniversary Show!
387 days ago

Tuesday's Sophia Grace and Rosie Anniversary Show was so sweet. They'll be grown before we know it. These are the days...

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