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Ellen's 'High Five to Win a 65"!'
74 days ago

Zony and Yony high five

The Talented Mr. Jesse Tyler Ferguson
173 days ago

Ellen, your kindness to this family today is amazing!! I am so happy for them!!

Justin Timberlake Record Party
208 days ago

JT is so talented! One of my all-time favorites. Great show!!!

Kristen Bell, Jason Mraz and Travie McCoy, DJ 2 Chainz
242 days ago

Ellen, Gaga on the Bro Show was hilarious!! Also, thanks for your kindness to the couple with 5 adopted children--so special.

Lady Gaga, Marshall Kimber
243 days ago

Gaga is so talented and truly an original. May she be blessed with much happiness and continued success. Ellen, great show!!

Matthew McConaughey, Taye Diggs
263 days ago

Hi Ellen, you made those two ladies in the office so happy today. And, Magic Mike--I also want to see his new movie. Still looks thin from having lost so much weight to be the actor in Dallas Buyers Club. Taye Diggs is hilarious! Also enjoyed the tall model Robyn. Great show! Thanks very much for adding cheer to my day :)

Keith Urban, Michael Ealy
271 days ago

Ellen, I also adore firefighters! Am so happy that you recognized their efforts AND saving the puppies. Keith Urban is (also !!) cool. Great show today and I really enjoyed Cat Week--cats are the funniest creatures to watch. Cats are so cool :)

Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs
285 days ago

Kevin the cashier is hilarious!

Miley CAN sing--let her have fun while she is young!

The horse chewing on the photographer was so funny!

Looking forward to Wanda on Tuesday..

Jack Black, Lorde
290 days ago

The kissing booth was a great idea to raise $ for the cause. Shemar must practice a lot to push the buttons--all the women melt!! What fun! Jack Black had a good scare--thanks Ellen--love that! So happy for the Cherland family who received such nice gifts.

Prayers for you, Ellen, and your Mama on the passing of Aunt Helen. May all the memories comfort you during this difficult time.

LL Cool J, Capital Cities
298 days ago

Elinor Otto is a great role model for all of us. She is so cute and happy! I hope all your viewers' comments can be shared with Elinor.

Justin Timberlake Record Party
298 days ago

JT is THE best. So glad you had him on the show! He is the real thing--so talented. He was also smart to marry his best friend.

I was thrilled for the lady who won the $25,000!! Are there more of the cash giveaways coming this season? I'm still trying to make dreams come true for my animals, family and friends. I am a huge fan of Ellen and her show! I watch every day. Ellen, thanks for your kindness.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Wilson, Josh Groban
311 days ago

Ellen, great show today! Did Gwyneth choke on the go-carts? I love those go-cart segments. Buzzworthy body hair was also funny.

Ray Romano, Aldrich Talonding
313 days ago

Ray Romano is so so funny in a dry humor way. Great! Really enjoying your new season, Ellen!

Mark Wahlberg and Sean "Diddy" Combs, Bonnie Raitt
317 days ago

Hi Ellen, re: Mark Wahlberg and Diddy on your show August 28--Aqua Water was mentioned. Would any of your staff have info on this product and how to obtain it? Thought perhaps Mark or Diddy would have left specific info. With so many water choices available, I wanted the specific Aqua Water they drank on the show. Thanks very much.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
325 days ago

Hi Ellen, I enjoyed your show today--those guys are so very young, attractive...and, well, thanks for the big screen for your viewers. I was unable to complete the giveaway entry again today, as the three choices pertained to Justin Timberlake...will watch tomorrow and see what happens. Would really like to win. It would make many people and animals happy!! Thanks for your consideration and kindness.

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