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Barbara Davis
Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
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Dear Ellen, I rush home everyday to watch your show. Even if I've had a bad day you always make me laugh! Thank you. This was they only place I could find on your web site to make a comment, so I hope it gets to someone that will consider a kitchen make over by the kitchen cousins. My mother lives in her kitchen, baking and cooking our holiday dinners. She has very very little counter space and had appliances from late 60's!!! The old brown color!!! It's amazing they still work. Because they are used everyday!! She has worked so hard her life.working 16 hours a day to put 3 kids through college. Please help us to surprise her with a new functioning kitchen. I promise it will be one you won't forget! She is the Queen of cooking in her small town. Thank you. My email- Phone number: 740-541-3701