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Barbara Christensens
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About Me Single, Painting Teacher, two lovely granddaughters and two lovely daughters. Love to go to the movies and watch great shows on TV.
Barbara Christensens
Colin Farrell, Nolan Gould
407 days ago

Love the show. Saw the blip at the bottom of the screen about the need of a car. Couldn't find the place to tell why I needed the car. So am doing it here.
I'm am single and just recently went through cancer a second time. First in 2000, breast cancer and 2011, Non hodgkins Lymphoma. Went through all my savings that I had worked for between cancers. During that time lost my 93 year old Mom who had lived with me for 25 years and then 6 other family members that year. I am still here and driving a 1990 Buick Lesabre, holding together by a thread. I haven't seen my grandchildren since Thanksgiving. Used to drive from Austin to Arlington twice a month to see them. They can't come to see me any longer due to the fact that I have had to rent out two rooms in my house as not to lose it. Social Security pays me $300 a month.
I am a painting teacher in my 60's and am concerned with what will happen when this lovely old frind can't transport this greatful girl any longer.
Thank you Ellen and all for the way you give.
Barbara E Christensen
PS My Mom's name was Ellen and I am Barbara Ellen