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Barbara cCarthy
Name Barbara cCarthy
Location Kissimmee, Florida
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Hobbies Seeing my daughter and some of my grandchildren, Reading,watching TV,shopping,talking to friends and family on Facebook,getting out of the house once in a ,
About Me I'm 68 and married.I have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandson. I love seeing all of them, but don't get to nearly often enough. I love Dancing, but can't anymore because of herniated discs in my back and neck.I love music of almost all kinds and reading and doing crossword puzzles and music ( I used to have a great voice..Lost that too !)I love good humor, but not most of the situation comedies on TV,II love being able to help my family and friends and anyone else I can love being able to help people when I can, but lately can hardly help myself...I love animals, especially my crazy dog Shadow and would love another one, but can't afford the fee at the pound, and I'd have cats too if my husband wasn't so allergic to them.I've always wanted to go to Israel to meet all the family I have there that I've never met.I have a very off the wall sense of humor, which is what I love about Ellen as she does too ! I'm really not used to answering questions like this about myself
Barbara cCarthy
Message from Ellen
564 days ago

CAn't wait to see the shows this week. They always cheer my husband and I up tremendously !!!I'll try and explain more in another letter later, Have a wonderful New Year with Portia and your Mom !!

Barbara cCarthy
Message from Ellen
578 days ago

Word of the day was Tinsel this time ! Whether I win something or not, I wish you and Portia and your family a Wonderful Holiday and a fantastic New Year !!! You are truly a light in the darkness of everyone's life that knows you, watches you or just heard of you ! God Bless You and Keep You Safe and Happy !!! Tell your Mom have a happy! I can only imagine how proud she is of you !

Barbara cCarthy
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582 days ago

I love that you added a day 13.. my favorite number !! I thought the Astrology bit with Megan and I loved Bethany's decoration ideas ! I've used the upside down oversized Wine Goblets as well as filling larger Vases as decorations by filling them with all golden or turquoise balls and putting a long candle in the middle !I'd still really like to win something...Almost anything would make my day !!!

Barbara cCarthy
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
583 days ago

Your show today was amazing starting with your Monologue and Bruno Mars and ending with the last day of gifts ! Well, I've spent the last 12 days glueing and Yahooing and tweeting and a lot of other things I've never done before in hopes of winning almost anything so that I can spread the wealth amongst other members of my crazy family as I love each and every crazy one of them and always feel so bad when I can't give them a great holiday, something I haven't been able to do in the last few years. Haven't even put up a tree in the last few years since it's so disappointing to not have anything to put under it. Sorry about the pity party, not used to voicing my feelings for a long time and you inspire my honesty about my situation. I will be following you for a long time to come because you make me feel so much better with your smile, humor and honesty. Of course your guests aren't bad either !!!

Barbara cCarthy
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584 days ago

I am doing everything but following you on my smartphone...cause I don't have an even halfway intelligent phone,much less one with some smarts and instagram won't let me in for an instant !!!But I'm shining,and yahooing, and glueing,and that's just for starters ! I'm stalking, I mean following you every way I possibly can !! I would love to win prizes, or be on your show or just do what I'm doing now...sending you mail you may never get and admiring the hell out of you for having the guts to come out when you did and being you. I have a cousin and a daughter who are out of the closet, but took a lot of crap from people both before and after. When she came to me to tell me she thought she liked women, I told her I didn't care who she liked as long as they treated her well and she was happy.I've had friends since I was in my teens who had to hide who they were most of the time,and that was something I hoped she wouldn't have to deal with,and maybe in part, thanks to you she hasn't had much trouble, or at least hasn't told me if she has. Anyway,just wanted to thank you for being you and dancing through my day !!!

Barbara cCarthy
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586 days ago

I'm in Florida and it would take all of that gas card and the Bluebird card to rent a car and drive there !!! But, boy, what fun that would be !!! My oldest daughter is in L.A. and I haven't seen her in over 2 years and it would be great to be with her again. I really would like to win some things so I could also help others with some of it.But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want anything for myself !! Just keep up the good work of helping people as you do each day, not for just the 10 days of Christmas, and you'll make a lot of people happy with your generosity and the others you get to help you with that like Shutterbug..You are a fantastic person, and I'm so glad you're alive !!!

Barbara cCarthy
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591 days ago

I'll follow Ellen just about anywhere !!!! She's so much fun to watch and is so honest about how she feels about people and things !