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barbara brewington
Name barbara brewington
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Hobbies i love too bowl but can not do it anymove cause of bone cancer
About Me love to meet new ppl and love to be with my family my 3 sons and 8 gandkids they are why iam here today and God maybe 1 day i can meet mrs Ellen and be on her show
barbara brewington
Message from Ellen
228 days ago

Ellen i hope you can found in your heart to pick me for all thegive away you are doing my gandskids and my kids would be so happy if you did like i told you i had breast cancer could not go back to work yes it has be hard to paid the bills for me and Jeff i would thank you for ever if you did this thank you Barbara Brewington if you need my number you can email me back and where i live too thank Ellen

barbara brewington
Survivor of the Week: Debbie B.
303 days ago

my name is Barbara and iam going have breast cancer the day i went to get the test done they told me that day i has breast cancer i had cancer 3 time all somewhere eles i went and had a double mastectomy done in July this year but you know the hadres thing i had to do is too tell my 3 sons i have cancer again i have put them though so must it breks my heart to see what they have to go though with me haveing cancer again i wish i could take it away so they would not have to go though it they told me mom we love you and we are not going anythere we will be right here with you we would not be anying where else but here with you and no mom you are the 1 in pain we love you and here for you i have that jean that the cancer can come back anytime and anywhere i pray to God everyday that it dose not come back so i put it in God hands that it dose not come back iam still going though it right now thank you for list to me