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Name Barbara
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Hobbies sewing art work oil painting computer swimming dancing miniture golf cooking skating
About Me I got married young moved to LA worked at tool and die and factorys then had a child a girl then moved to the bay area had bought our first home and stay at home with daughter then moved and got a farm when started a bird farm and worked also at the school district and my husband was ill he had surgery and so we moved and moved to Oregon and my daughter married and had three children.We moved to Oregon then bought another home a farm house and things got worse so I got a divorce and went to work caregiving but my back pain got worse so out of work and taking care of five acre place.Now semi retired and selling my home and having to half it and rental house ex is having to sell and supposed to half it. He remarried and I'm still single with a boyfriend I have known for almost two years.I used to raise koi fish and liked tree frogs and hummingbirds and loved cooking I love to travel and love to drive so did a little after my divorce and with my new boyfriend.He likes travel and cooking and dancing but have to pace my self because of back pain.I'm now looking to find a job but also trying to sell and do things to get my home sold.It has been difficult since five acres is allot for me now and wanting to sell and buy a small home and rent it and my boyfriend wants me to move in with him.I hope to find a job and going to the doctor to find relief on my back so I can find a part time job since out of work for for a year and a half.