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Hobbies Reading, watching sports, especially the NY Yankees and the GreenBay Packers
About Me I am a bookkeeper in NYC and live in Queens, NY. I love your show but have to DVR it every day and watch it while having dinner.
Caption This: Piece of Pie
286 days ago

The dog is thinking "Come on you can do it." "Come on pie take a few steps toward me." "Come on now, you are making me mad."

Leah Remini, The Season 11 Premiere!
319 days ago

Ellen, I felt so sad when I heard about Talia passing. She was such an inspiration and had such a great outlook on her life considering her illness. You have to know how much you must have meant to her for all your kindness. I was waiting for the new season to start to hear you speak of her passing. My condolences to you because I know her dead hurts your heart. It may be cry.

Barbara Shubert