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Barb Snyder
Classic Joke Wednesday with Julia Roberts
219 days ago

Regarding Julia Roberts punchline......How it was born

Believe it or not - the birth of orphan punchlines began almost 20 years ago and we can thank Julia Roberts for the inspiration. The year was 1994 and Julia was on the David Letterman Show promoting her new movie at the time - I Love Trouble. During the interview Julia tells Dave that she once knew a very funny joke, but that she has forgotten the set-up and only knows the punchline. She then tells the audience the punchline, "...Well you may be living off love, but you're killing the chickens." Both Dave and the audience broke into laughter and an idea was born.

The next day at work I told my coworkers about the interview, and we began creating our own punchlines. After a week or two we coined the phrase "orphan punchlines" to describe this new pastime of ours.

I Love Your Show Ellen! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Barb S.