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barb coons
Name barb coons
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Hobbies reading,grandchildren,shopping,playing cards with cousins,etc.
About Me I'm a babysitting grandmaw,a Sat.night card player with family,a Christian by faith,have lots of crazy friends,loving children and grandkids,1 sister,1 to watch tv too and shop jpc.
barb coons
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611 days ago

jcp clothing is the best,I'm still wearing the corduroy shirt jackets I bought in 3 different colors 3 years ago.....I got them in deep green,tan, and dark brown, they zip.....and they are so great to just throw on....
I also think Ellen is great,my grandsons get off the bus,about the time Ellen comes on ,they rush in to see the funny stuff going on, the day she had the Halloween costume on.....they thought the butt crack was really hers.....they are 8 and 10 yrs old.I like it that she always says be kind to Barb