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About Me I am a foster parrent who loves to watch Ellen when I can.
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215 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am writing to tell you how much you have cheered me up today. That gift was better than any of your twelve days gifts. Last night we had to say goodbye to our faithful friend. It was by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make. He had congestive heart failure and had been getting worse with each passing day. We got him a year after we got married 14 years ago so he was like our first child, and to make things worse we had to explain what was happening to our 11 and 12 year old sons. Needless to say last night was hard for us all. He always slept with my wife and I and always took up most of the bed. It felt so strange not to have him lying between us that I silently cried myself to sleep.

I usually love this time of year but this year has held a lot of sadness and despair for me. I have not been watching your show for the past week or so because I have not felt much like celebrating knowing what was to come, so I have been recording it each day because I was just too depressed to watch. After a really rough night I needed to focus on something else for awhile so I decided to watch a movie. I looked to see what I had recorded on the DVR and saw Ellen (6) and decided to skip the movie and watch you instead. I am glad I did, because for a little while you made me laugh and forget about all the pain in my heart. Christmas won’t be the same this year without our boy Poco, but I know I can always rely on you to cheer me up. Thank you for that gift! Merry Christmas, John.

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597 days ago

Ellen, you are much more than a comedian, cat lover and talk show host! You are an inspiration and a humanitarian. You do what my wife and I wish all people who have the means would do. What an amazing and wonderful world it would be! I watch you every day and when I can’t I try to tape it so I can watch you later. Almost every time I watch you bring tears to my eyes. Not sad ones but happy ones. When I see how much you love to help your fellow man. If I could have just two wishes in this world they would be, first and most important, more people like you in this world, people who get joy out of giving to others and my second wish would be to go and see you in person. But we can’t afford that, so I will continue to do the next best thing and watch you on the boob tube and continue to pray for you every day, it is the only gift I can give to you, so that you can continue to do the good things you do. Your mom was right, it is better to give than to receive and those who have learned this secret know how wonderful it is. My wife and I gave our second car to someone we knew needed one, it was old but it looked good and more importantly it ran great. It felt wonderful to know that we where able to fill a need and make a difference in someone’s life. May you never get weary of making a difference or giving! Merry Christmas, Babe.