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Harry Connick, Jr. on 'American Idol'
161 days ago

I am worried about posting this comment. I honestly do not want to offend anyone. I'm not talking: "no offence..BUT". Followed by something offensive. Rather, I admit, that my comment could be offensive due to my ignorance of the subject. That said, I want to confirm, I am a tolerant person. Truly. Honestly. By which I mean I wont judge someone. I do not see super-model, house-wife, black, white, Latino, straight, gay, married, single, smart, strong, rich, poor. I choose to listen to someone, smile at everyone. I do not notice if a person changed their hair or weight. I remember their story, and what they shared with me. I know in our society how impossible this notion sounds. Clearly, everyone does not look green, fat, bald and beautiful. I see each person as an individual, I notice if two people in front of me look the same family. I can share testimony of my relationship with God. Yet I do not take that belief and judge others on their own beliefs. I see gay marriage as a legal process,same as any marriage. I understand marriage to be a legal right. Surrounded by legal privileges. I wholeheartedly believe all people are equal.

So when I say I did't want to like Emkay Nobilette, I don't mean to hate. I felt somehow uncomfortable. But why? She sang beautifully. Was I afraid the music part of American Idol would be lost. Surly not. As every season their are good contestants that leave the show. This should not change just because the talk about MK will include her being openly Gay. So then why? Last night her performance was incredible. What was I feeling? I saw her Mom's, well I assumed them to be her mom's as each contestants families were shown. One woman crying, one quite strong. Was two Gay women bothering me? How can I be so confused? This was no better than judging people I don't know. It was equal, ALL contestants families. This is not who I always believed I was. I didn't Judge Ellen. I love her. I don't refer to people as the straight man, the black women, EVER.

Then Harry Connick Jr. was on Ellen and said Announcing She is gay is great, but "We are from New Orleans, we have always understood that" It doesn't matter. I immediately thought EXACTLY it doesn't matter. I have ALWAYS know that! So Why was I number one uncomfortable, and secondly does it matter to me after all?
Was I judging on a back story? Could I even judge at all?
I can't sing a single note! America probably votes by "liking" someone. American Idol knows that. American Idol needs viewers. They must create interest in the contestants. All of these people are likable.

Now I understand. I realize I wasn't worried about the integrity of a TV show. I do not personally know anyone in the audience. No one cares who I am. I am uncomfortable about the intimacy.
Is that wrong? No, I don't think so. The intimacy is none of my concern. I am uncomfortable with the sexual relationship. SO what? It is none of my business. I am comfortable with mother's and babies, grandparents, siblings. Those are intimate. I am uncomfortable with attention given around the subject of their individual sexual relationships. Shouldn't I Be?. I am happy when someone welcomes a baby into their family. I do not focus on the conception of the child. I admire the marriages of my pastor, and my cousin, but I don't think about their sex life. My son and his wife love each other. I am not a sheltered person. I am always honest, always willing to share. If asked about sex I will answer. If questioned about birthing I will offer my experience. When my children needed to know about birth control I was open and answered them. My entire family is open about love.

So is that the bottom line? Shouldn't this talented young woman be able to be honest about who she is? Should it matter who she loves,or who loves her? Are American's judgmental of homosexual relationships because they do not have experience with the sexual portion of that relationship? Are we uncomfortable with the "sex" not the "love"? Was I uncomfortable because we are a society in an over sexed country? Shouldn't our society bring shame to sex crimes? To underage pornography? To rape victims that attempt suicide? Not what two consenting adults are able to have? In their private relationship? In their own home? Without this stigma?

I am no longer uncomfortable with Emkay Brazil, her girlfriend or her mothers. I never should have been! Every person is equal. If American Idol, Harry and Ellen can get that message to me, or any other person, through MK saying she is Gay. More power to her!!!