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Avis Wyckoff
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About Me I'm a twin. 70 years old. I have 3 awesome sons and two of the BEST grandchildren. I grew up in a really neat town - music was my life in high school. So many good memories of my growing up years.
Avis Wyckoff
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221 days ago

I'd like to nominate my twin sister, Louise Hoke, of Reading, Pa. She's always been a good person, she has 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Her house is literally falling down (I know it could be worse, some people have NO house). She is depressed, lives on alot less than alot of people on welfare and just needs a pick-up. She could use a good used car, or just $500. She's having a slim Christmas, but again, better than some with no Christmas. It would just be fun to give her a lift ! Thanks