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Autumn Jackson
Name Autumn Jackson
Location Louisville , Kentucky
Age 32
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Hobbies Any activities with my children! Watching movies! I'd love one day when we all get bikes to ride with them! We also love family board games! They love the Wii! Any time I spend with my children means the world to me! We even color! And my children are very smart with computers and love playing learning games online! I only have one computer so they each only get 30 minutes of learning time a day! So it's great! Well that's it! My hobbies are my children! I wish I could afford to put them in sports and things in school or even karate ,but I certainly can't afford that! Ok see ya!
About Me Well as I said I'm a stay at home mother of six beautiful children!I have 5 girls ages 3 months,16 months,6,10 she'll be 11 on Dec.29th, and 12 and my only son is 9!Basically have a heart disease and am hoping everyday to live another day to spend with my children! My dream was to be a singer, but I sort of changed my dream from that ;to spending as much time possible with my children!I live each and everyday caring for my 2 babies and waiting for my other four smiling faces to walk through my door and tell me how their day went!Basically I went from a very healty young mom who was always very active to a very quickly unhealthy mom due to hereditary sickness having heart disease!And now am not so active! I'd love to be active ,but I for one live in the wrong neighborhood for that and two will soon be homeless anyways if our landlord loses this house! cause we just moved in it and have no money to move out!:( I just wish we had a home to call our own and a comfortable place or neighborhood rather for my children and I to walk or be active!But I don't even own a bike! Well enough with the saddness and on with the gladness! I finally just graduated in July of 2011 and recieved my GED after that being a goal of mine since the age of 16! I wanted to show my children to never give up that my Motto is:"ALL IS POSSIBLE ;I'M PROVING THE POSSIBILITIES! I want my children to grow and become very respective young women and as for my son "young man" Well thank you for being interested in a little about me ,but theres way more about me that I wanted to share! Another dream was I wanted to write a book about "my life story" that would truely be mind blowing and touching to many people! Well I really hope That you are truely blessed I know I am!! The materialistic things I'd love would be a great blessing ,but its nothing like being blessed with life and being able to live it to see my children each and everyday! I am BLESSED!
Autumn Jackson
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431 days ago

Hi Ellen! Well I did watch your show with my 12 yr old daughter EVERYDAY up until a week ago! $20,000 would mean more than anyone could ever know in a desperate situation such as ours. Well first I will say I am a married mother of 6 children! Only teo being biologically his, but you can't tell him that he'd have a heart attack! See our situation got extreme about a month ago, when on April 1, my 8 month old was admitted into our local children's hospital for only being 13lbs and had been for months ( since like December 2012) well she'd gotten diagnosed with Severe Acid Reflux! So they did two surgeries on her which was most difficult on us all to watch her endure! Well during our stay we'd gotten a call that we had to move out of our home and had only until June 1st to do so if we wanted $700. So unfortunately we did! We moved out May 15th 2013 and are now homeless with our disabled child as we are all not able to stay together either! I have two children staying with a neighbor friend, my 1 baby with his mom and dad and my other 3 here in this criminal ,drug addict of a hotel with us! So please if there's any way you could find it in your heart to help bless us so that we may be a family again I know that God will TRUELY Bless you as he already has! We have never won anything EVER or really ever endured so very much and we really need this so very badly! Well may God bless you and if not us this time who ever does win! With All my Family's Love, Autumn Jackson and fam!

Autumn Jackson
Naomi Watts, Day 7 of 12 Days!
592 days ago

I've never won anything All who has is extremely very blessed! I am a stay at home mother of six children whose not ever had a break and can't even afford christmas this year for any of my children! I am wrapping up letters this year to each of my children for them to open on christmas since they may not have any gifts!It would mean the world to me and my children to win anything! Stay bleesed and Congradulations to all whom have won anything ever!