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Aurele   Labrosse
Name Aurele Labrosse
Age 72
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Hobbies love to knit . and teach hobbies... was a miner...retired in 99
About Me O just a simple guy.. retired in 1999. by the way your cell phone and computer .. cause of me ... made the first nickel powder to be used in the chip .... and now had this dream .. bad one .. Iran will explode a bomb and will move the earth and the plates will colide and the water will explode with the magma.... do I have troubling thing.... we are drilling for millions of barrels of oil and replaces it with sea water...prove me wrong..... Aurele
Aurele   Labrosse
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Wendy Williams
305 days ago

Dear Ellen

saw the interview with Wendy Williams....

and she wants to knit.... love to send her my videos...
how to knit ..or crochet and .. needlepoint and all..
am retired ..was a miner and also had a yarn shop... am 71 this weekend..
So hope oyu can help her...


Aurele   Labrosse
You Write, Ellen Responds!
305 days ago

Ellen......... I am 71 and want to chat with you about ... the end of the world before I die....
As you know .. they are drilling for oil . and replace the hole with what... I think it is sea water... and soon when an earth quake happends . the word will explode..... so am I thinking the wrong way . dont think so....
Aurele.... 705 667 0246