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About Me I am a 49 year old temporarily unemployed woman. I have three grown sons that I am so proud of and an adopted special needs yorkiepoo that I absolutely adore! And .... I love your show!!
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
172 days ago

I actually commented today under another blog about how I was an Ellen addict! You've kinda become my sounding board, I think because you just seem to genuinely care about others. I was job searching today and looking for grants for schooling. (ANYTHING!) as I've had no income since December. On top of it, doctors told me years ago to file for disability as I have Sarcoidosis which I have constant pain from. So today, with no leads on jobs or grants ... and unbearable pain since I have been unable to afford my meds and raised glucose from the pain and stress and lack of meds it was a pretty rough day for me. Then I found out that extended unemployment was not approved and I texted my landlord to let him know my situation. About this time I was just ready to crawl into bed and give up. THEN my landlord texted back. And I know that it may seem such a small thing .. but he still gave me a little time. And that seemed to give me a little more hope and here I am back at the computer determined to find something to get me back to work!! It's just not that often that people try to understand what you're going through and I just wish my landlord knew what he did for me today. Feeling blessed! AND determined!

10 Years of Poking
173 days ago

I check your site about every 10 minutes, comment, send things in, and I have been trying for 3 days to no avail, to send you a fb video of the BEST "I'm Every Woman" cover being sung by my sons when they were young. They will KILL me once I figure out how to do it! And by gosh, I will find a way!! Even tried to convert file to upload on your fb page. Anyhoo ... I have been sitting at my computer all day (job searching and looking for college grants) with the tv off so I won't get distracted, when I realized that I keep looking at the clock waiting for 3 pm to hurry up and come so I can watch your show. And then I realized that I have officially become an Ellen Addict! Love Love Love your show!!

Did You Beat The Odds to Get Into College?
174 days ago

Bananas!!! Just seeing this link as I just sent info regarding my son Corey to the "Do you know someone that needs help" link. Hopefully you will still get. <3

Ellen's Audience Came in Like a Wrecking Ball
177 days ago

The look on the woman's face standing next to the now infamous rendition of Wrecking Ball is priceless. She may be smiling but I can make out a look of excruciating pain as well....