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Asking the Universe
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226 days ago

Another unedited experience with Asking the Universe as shared by a visitor to our site...

"I am so pleased I found your site. I asked the Universe for extra money and within days I had a few thousand much needed for bills, tax rebate which was totally unexpected. It was a miracle and I continue to ask and receive and of course always give thanks and am incredibly grateful for all the Universe gives me."

"It really is that simple. Ask, believe and receive whilst being filled with gratitude for what we already have."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction into Asking the Universe." -Liz

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Asking the Universe
About This Page
331 days ago

Here is another experience with asking the Universe sent to us by one of our visitors:

"I have been on a four year hiatus from dating. In that four year period I have found something very important that has been missing for a very long time. Simply said 'me'. I had been in relationships but they were not easy and a lot of sadness came, but I have five kids that I adore and that's the positive from the experience."

"I started searching for answers after falling for a guy that is without a doubt a soul mate in disguise. I had such a connection with him. It was magnetic and I felt things I had never felt before. I knew he felt the same but he ran from it. I was confused and hurt. It didn't make any sense, but then it made so much sense all at the same time. So I started searching for answers and discovered I was on a journey of my lifetime."

"I started to find reasoning to the madness. The more I looked, the more I discovered. I found he was my soul mate, and I will go as far to say my twin soul. Twin soul connections can be painful, and it was. But from that heartache brought many answers and each answer unlocked another door that sparked my curiosity to seek more knowledge. I believe the universe is a marvelous destination for our hearts and our souls to open up and send our feelings of love, passion, hurt, sadness, hopefulness and, most importantly, our gratitude."

"The most recent information I stumbled onto is that vulnerability is a key to unlocking another door, a door to open your heart. When we get older our hearts and our souls begin to close off for many reasons, mainly because logic decides what's best for us when actually it's our hearts and souls that contain the wisdom needed for true happiness. I have almost come full circle and it's because I allowed my pain to become curiosity, which led me to seeking answers when I didn't really know what I was looking for."

"It's a hunch, a feeling, a crush on a man that I know was sent into my life to send me on an adventure of finding myself again. I will forever be grateful to him, and the crazy thing is that he has no idea of the impact he has made in my life. He is out searching for his soul. His heart will open when the universe decides it is time. Trust in the universe and I promise you that it will not let you down." -Renee

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Asking the Universe
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364 days ago

When you ask the Universe for something you put into motion a very powerful energy that helps you to realize your request.

Here is an experience sent to us by one of our visitors:

"I ran across this site when I mindlessly just typed something about the universe. I was pretty depressed. Recently I was the victim of an arsonist and my whole life's ac***ulation was burnt to the ground, including my Harley and all the tools that I need to earn money. Needless to say life has not been real easy lately and on this site I asked the universe for a pretty tall order,"

"The next morning I thought maybe I should concentrate on today and I asked for a way to make some money so I could at least eat and buy gas. No work came out of it but I didn't worry and I checked the mail that night, which I never do but I knew some important mail from my insurance company was coming."

"I didn't get the do***ents from my insurance company, but there was an envelope addressed to me and when I opened it there was a $100.00 Frys grocery gift card and a Home Depot gift card for $200.00 and $100.00 cash. It was just there. Totally unbelievable. Nothing has ever happened to me like that ever, and 24 hours had not passed since I ran across this site, It's cool, Thank you." -Kevin

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Asking the Universe
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414 days ago

Ask the Universe

Whether you're trying to change your diet, looking for love or needing answers to just about anything, asking the Universe really works. Here is an experience sent to us by one of our visitors.

"I wrote that I wanted a new, white Land Rover and 6 days later my husband surprised me."

"I also requested that I wanted my son who was in a terrible car accident that left him paralyzed two and a half years ago, that he would walk again like he did before his accident and the very next day he sent me a video of him at physical therapy helping him to walk with assistance."

"This is just the beginning, in less than one week two requests were answered."

"Thank you Universe!!!!!" - Lisa

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Asking the Universe
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440 days ago

The Universe is everything.

If we close our eyes and imagine the universe, most of us will picture the nighttime sky with its limitless points of light. The universe, however, is more than that, much more. It is everything in our own world; our home, our work, our friends and relatives. It is everything we have ever seen, ever heard; everyone we have ever met; everything we have ever read, every song we have ever sung. It is all our thoughts, our ideas, our perceptions and even our dreams. It is all that exists around us and, more importantly, it is all that could exist.

While the most common definition of the universe involves stars and space, the most important definition to us as individuals involves everything else.