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Ashton Jones
Name Ashton Jones
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Hobbies watching Ellen of course. doing arts and crafts. photography.
About Me I am 19 i just graduated high school. i am currently saving up to go to community college where i live. i live with my mother stepfather little sister and little brother. my dreams include going to college to become a marine Biologist and Marine photographer. i want to live by the beach. fall in love. and travel the world. and also to go to the ellen show.
Ashton Jones
Elton John, Lauren Graham
303 days ago

i will be coming to the show a week after Sir ELton. sadness. i am still exited to be on the show though. it will probably be the highlight of my year. we shall see how it goes. i know it is going to be nothing shy of perfection. i can't wait to watch Sir Elton John preform from the comfort of my own home. and then i can't wait to fly out the next week to see Ellen Do her show in person. i am exited! :D