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Hi Ellen!
I am a first time pet owner of a 2 year old yellow lab/chow/pitbull mix dog named Chief who my husband and I adopted from a local shelter near our home called Friendship APL in Elyria, Ohio. This shelter is one of the most loving and caring shelters I've ever been to. They are a no kill shelter and take any type of animal from dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc. They are also a non profit shelter and have to feed and shelter hundreds of animals based off of the generosity of local people, fundraisers and organizations and sometimes even the volunteers and employees bring in food, cat litter, etc. just to get by. They also make sure that the pets are spayed/neutered before adoption along with a full round of shots to bring them up to date. I can't think of any other shelter more deserving of the Petco Grant than Friendship APL!

Our dog Chief has thrived ever since adopting him from them. We did training with one of the trainers at the APL for little to no cost at all and from this Chief is now AKC certified! He is a treat taste tester for a local dog bakery and also tests out their toys to check for durability( He is a 75lb energetic puppy who tears up just about anything in his tracks ). Without Friendship APL's vow to be no kill shelter, Chief might not have gotten his second chance at life! Thank you very much Ellen for being these animals' advocates and for having the drive and commitment to help our animals who don't have a voice of their own.