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Ashley Clement
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268 days ago

Hi Ellen!! First, I'd like to say just how truly amazing you are! You have such a big heart and you show that in everything you do! Second, I'm writing you in reference to the $100,000 Pet Shelter Donation. My deserving shelter of choice is Dog Dynasty in Santa Fe, Texas. Founded and operated by Mike Glover and his wife Paula, this rescue center goes above and beyond to provide not only shelter and food these sweet babies need, but also devote 110% of everything they have to ensure the dogs and cats at Dog Dynasty are rehabilitated in health and in spirit to find a 'furever' home. Unlike most shelters, Dog Dynasty works with Rehabilitation Specialists to retrain these abused and neglected animals to once again trust and love. They even hold several free adoption fairs each month. They screen not only the adopters but also their home to ensure the animals are going into the absolute best situation they can. Their operation is run soley out-of-pocket and through donations. Two of the three partners in Dog Dynasty recently lost their only sources of income when their jobs ended due to the Government shut down. With nearly 100 animals in care at their resource center and another dozen being fostered in their own home, Mike and Paula Glover feared the worst. Weeks of worrying about providing for their own human family, they were also burdened with the lives of 100s of lost souls and hungry mouths. Dog Dynasty pulled through by the Grace of God. Being over capacity and due to people 'dumping' their unwanted pets, Dog Dynasty has announced they cannot take any more animals. Family, friends, and several small business have joined forces a handful of times to raise anything they can just to keep the doors open, but it just isn't enough. With medical expenses and feed bills piling up, Dog Dynasty is on the verge of being forced to close their doors, leaving these animals once again with nowhere to turn. Dog Dynasty Rescues deserves this donation because they give all that they have to their animals. Someone is there at the center 24 hours each and every day, cleaning, washing, treating, playing, training, and loving these animals. They need volunteers, they need donations, they need help.