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Ashlee Knight
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Hi Ellen
My name is Ashlee Ellyn Knight and i'm 14 years old and i'm writing this because as much as I would love to meet you, I think my Mum and Auntie sal would literally pee their pants to have an opportunity to meet you. So i'm writing this on there behalf to meet you when you come to Australia. My mum's name is Kerrie and her best friend is Sally but we call her Auntie Sal because she is so close to our family that she may as well be our Auntie. Sally has MS and life is hard for her, and it means the world to me to see her happy, laughing and smiling, and when she's with my Mum there are always happy but when there are both watching your show they are crying with laughter and peeing their pants.[Actually a little bit of wee does happen.]
Please make my dream of adding a little bit joy to what has become a diffulcult life for my Auntie Sal who is coping with her Multiple Sclerosis and the saddness it brings my Mum watching it happen.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make me happy and make my dream come true by giving my Mum and my Auntie Sally an adventure of a life time. Yours Truly Ashlee Ellyn Knight