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Name arlinda
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About Me I love animals so much. There are no words to explane how much. I love being kind and hopefully being a good influence on everyone. To be kind and pass it on.
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212 days ago

Dear sweet wonderful ellen. Oh my gosh one of the shelters i like sent me a pic of this beautiful puppy. I want to adoppt her so much it hurts. I feel like part of me is dying every day. I have been without a compaign for mucu much to long and i cant stand it. My girls passed away about 8 years ago and i have always had pets in my life. Oh ellen please please if you think i am wourthly of a pet. Please can you help me please. I am so sad and i miss my girls so much i think i will die of a broken heart. The puppy looks like a golden and german shepard mix. I am in love with her. She is in the dallas texas shelter. I will do anything to have love back in my life. I try so hard every day to spread kindness and hope to earn my wings and earn the love from god to grant me my wish. My girls are the loves of my life and without them i feel so sad and emety. Please can you help me. I would be eternily greatful. Sincerely a very big fan, arlinda cobb

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218 days ago

Dear sweet wonderful ellen. Is that to mushy? I was wondering if in any way you could help me. I have gone around 8 years without a pet. And it feels like my heart has died. It is so pain to go this long. I have never been without a puppy. This is killing me and my spirit and very slow. I would do anything to be able to adopt a puppy. I have had 5 wonderful girls in my life and i so gratful. The reason i dont have one now is because i am now taking care of my mom full time and also this is the firist time that i dont have a fenced in yard. I wish there was some way to heal my broken heart. I miss so very much having a150 lb furry animal laying beside me. I miss being woken up in that special way that only dogs can wake u. We love u ellen. We wish you and your whole family a very merry christmas. With lots of love and hugs from your friend arlinda