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Arlene Lassin
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About Me Love Ellen and all the kind things she does. Wish she knew about my unsung hero husband who saved unrelated strangers lives with his bone marrow.
Arlene Lassin
Everyone Gets a Powerball Ticket!
601 days ago

I have a Powerball ticket with the numbers 55, 24, 40, 26, 18 with powerball 25. I was told anyone with those numbers could get a ticket to Twelve Days of Christmas. I wrote last year to get my husband Gary Lassin a ticket but never heard back. He has donated his bone marrow to unrelated strangers TWICE and donated red blood cells to a stranger. He is truly a hero and lifesaver. He deserves a treat and he loves Ellen! (As I do) Please let us use this ticket for him to attend a Twelve Days of Christmas show. By the way, you can verify the info on Gary Lassin by googling him - he has been on the news and in the newspaper and he is an unsung hero. Thanks, Arlene Lassin