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Arla Stavrou
Name Arla Stavrou
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Hobbies Spending time with my grandchildren,computer games,collecting recipes
About Me I have four children {one that does not even speak to me},7 grandchildren.I have been married for 28 years on 12/14/2012,also my Husbands Birthday.I am really tired of being unemployed since 1/13/2012.
Arla Stavrou
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584 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and your staff! You always make people smile and laugh.I would love to win the 12 days of give away gifts.We moved to NH in 2010 due to my husbands Father passing away.I have 3 daughters and since then we have had to deal with 2 more family deaths.Especially hard on my oldest daughter who was the power of attorney for all three family members.My husband and I also just had are 28 year wedding anniversary,never no honeymoon or vacation.God Bless YOU!