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Ariane K
Can Ellen Help You Fulfill a Dream?
268 days ago

Hello Ellen! Thank you for being such a nice and amazing woman! Today I am asking for help for my mother. she is the true definition of a fighter. After the murder of my father 11 years ago in our home country, my mother was jailed for 2 months. After the assassins were found, she was finally released and did everything in her power to bring up her 3 children. We moved to the US in 2007. In 2009, she put herself through graduate school and now, she is a proud graduate with a Master in Finance and an MBA. the only problem is that she cannot find a job. The most admirable thing I find about my mother is that she has never borrowed a penny from anyone! she always lives within her means, she drives the same old car and wears the same old clothes, and says she will buy new stuff when she finds a job. Ellen please, this is an amazing woman who has overcome so many hardships, so much scrutiny, a language barrier, but today is still standing. All she needs is a job. she is very passionate about finance and management, and would not study anything else. she willing to relocate to any state. I assure you, my family's story will stun you. This is just the resume. Please contact me and I will tell you and your team the full story, and tell you how much she needs and would appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Ariane K.