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Name Arfi
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Age 47
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About Me I am mom of 2 wonderful kids,my daughter 19 is in collage and son 14 in junior high.I am a dancer and teacher of Indonesia traditional dance since I was 10 years old,and since I have been in this field I've learned and understand that this part of humans life is needed and must to be concerned.To keep the traditional,dance,art,culture exist and live.I have been watching your shows and gave me a little hope that you might have the time to take a look of what we have here in Indonesia specially our traditional dance and our culture,very best regard from miles away ;-) Arfi Soleman
A New Car for an Inspiring Family
137 days ago

Who could do things like you do Ellen..
You a Hero,your fans are every where,kids loves you so much specially kids like Alex,you are a light for parents who have kids like Alex,GBU Ellen and Team

Taranza, the Tiny Drum Major
185 days ago

I know the feeling of Taranza and his teacher,but I am sure giving is more bleesing,keep it up Ellen,so proud of you

Portia's a US Citizen!
203 days ago

Congratulation for you guys,love you Ellen and Portia

Portia's a US Citizen!
204 days ago

Awsome,congratulation for both of you,,love you guys

Can Ellen Help You Fulfill a Dream?
212 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen and Team,You guys have been working hard and with your TV Show and Links you have been giving and sharing love alot with the people from year to year and I'm sure you will contineu this project because there alot people needs you Ellen.
My name Arfi from Indonesia.I am a widow,I have 2 greatest children.My daughter 19 yrs old is in a University and my son 14 yrs old in Junior high.My husband die of cancer 14 yrs ago when my both my children were so little.Im a pro Indonesia traditional dance teacher.My expert is North Malluca dance as I am originally from North Mallucas.I can tell you that what I have been doing as teacher of traditional dance is I got not a compatible fee/payment and why I keep doing and keep this job is because it has a huge mission and its my mission aswell and the mission is to keep the traditional dance exist.Indonesia is a rich country,we have mining,gold,coal,plantation,tourism,art and culture.I think we have everything but I am kinda jealous with my goverment is because they don't really care of for teacher of traditional dance.Whereas everybody know our traditional dance is taking big role of culture.I have hard times convincing North Mallucas goverment that traditional dance is part of our life,that traditional culture and art is regional assets and state assets.I want the goverment to respect all the tearher of Indonesia traditional dance and dancers because actually we help goverment to keep culture alive and exist.I feel so sad when I met and see senior artits lives who have been struggling and worked hard keeping on traditonal dance exist are below of acceptable limit of living.I am 47 next March,I have gotten several proudly awards and wondered maybe I have the same foredoom like my seniors?For me the value of life is to share what you have and what you know.I dedicated my life to teach North Mallucas traditional dance even I live in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia since 1991 and since I moved here,working hard,teaching hard,got awards but still I couldn't rent a place to teach regulary.Point is I don't get any fasilities as an ambassador and a teacher of traditional dance.Please Ellen write a letter to my goverment(governoor) to look after traditional dance teacher.I wanted the whole world know that you also care for the continuances of art and culture.I love you Ellen