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Hobbies Watching tv...shows like Ellen, covert affairs, first 48, read books....
About Me I'm a single mother struggling with financial hardship and severe pain from physical illness. I'm attempting to get my son through high school and then college. I'm 40 years old and put on 100 percent disability.. My monthly income for my family is 693.00 and my son gets $99.00 from social security due to my illness. I've lost all that I have worked hard for years. My car was repossessed, and live in apartment that we barely can juggle paying for utilities and rental payments monthly. It's difficult to even manage household items or anything. I attempt to stay strong but this entirely physically and mentally wears me out. I wish I could be blessed with help from the wonderful crew and Ellen of course with anything in which would be greatly appreciated.. We are in severe need, not just wants... Thanks for listening thru my embarrassing life hardships.