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April E Wilkins
Name April E Wilkins
Location Grand Blanc, MI
Age 49
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Hobbies Rock Concerts, Men and Comedy! Totally in Love with Steven Tyler!
About Me I'm a Toolmaker, a mom, and a soon to be grandmom, better known as Mamakin! I love Music and Comedy. Life is short, I think we should enjoy it, and spread as much love as possible!
April E Wilkins
Ellen's Playlist: December 4, 2012
598 days ago

I would like to be a part of your 12 days, of course. I watch you everyday. I have you on twitter and facebook. I also truly enjoy the music that you and Tony play. I would very much like to know who the artists and songs are so that I may obtain them. You make me smile! I love the way you can make all those men take their clothes off. That's awesome! Keep doing what you're doing Ellen, it's great!