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Antoinette Yates
Name Antoinette Yates
Location Pittsburgh, PA
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About Me Retired in July, 2013, after 36 1/2 years of working in a social service agency; divorced and have 2 grown daughters. When I retired, I left the small town in which I was born and raised and moved to Pittsburgh where my older daughter lives. I love the diversity of the city and have become involved in a mentoring program at a nearby public school.
Antoinette Yates
Joel McHale Loves the Seahawks
177 days ago

Hi Ellen,

Happy Birthday! My mother would have been 89 today, but she was taken from us in a very tragic way on July 10, 2012. As she was crossing the street in front of her house to get her mail out of the mailbox, the mail truck which had just dropped off her mail backed up and hit her. She was life-flighted to a hospital in Pittsburgh, but her injuries were so severe that she did not make it. My mom was a pretty amazing woman. She had been a volunteer at the Ford City Public Library for nearly 40 years and would still be volunteering now. So many people donated money to the library in her memory that we were able to set up a fund so that an award could be made to a local student going on to college who is also involved as a volunteer in the community. We gave the first award, the "Irene Yates Memorial Volunteer Award" last May in the amount of $500 to a very deserving young woman. My sister and I were so proud to be able to present the award.

With all the snow and cold weather we have been having here in Pittsburgh this winter, there is lots of snow to be shoveled. This, too, is a reminder of my mom. On snowy days, she would be out shoveling snow before sunrise. So today, I shoveled the sidewalk in front of my apartment building in her honor. (The maintenance guys were probably wondering who did it.) My mom might have been 87 years old, but I know she would have had many more years with us if not for that terrible accident.

Anyway, when I read that you are celebrating your birthday, I wanted to let you know about this other wonderful person who would have been celebrating, too.

Thank you for all you do for others and for making my days a little brighter just by watching your show. I retired in July, so now I am able to watch almost every day. I definitely take to heart your ending words each day: "Be kind to one another."


Toni Yates
January 26, 2014

Antoinette Yates
Message from Ellen
206 days ago

Retirement is wonderful - I can stay up as late as I want and sleep in in the morning. I don't miss going to work one little bit (and I did that for over 36 years)! And now I get to watch your show just about every morning. You make me smile - something that was difficult for me to do for quite a while over the last year and a half. And you make me even more motivated to do the thing with which you end each show: "Be kind to one another." Thank you, Ellen, for being the good person you are, for raising awareness about so many social issues, and for the ability to make people laugh and feel good about themselves every single day.