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Anthony Perez
Name Anthony Perez
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Hobbies Going to college and going to the studio to record good music.
About Me I'm a 19 year old rnb/hiphop artist looking to get known into the industry. I've been recording since 12 years old. I create pop music, rnb, hiphop, and etc. I live in Rhode Island and things are getting rough for me. I have a stutter problem but I still write and record music because nothing will stop me for what I am passionate of doing.
Anthony Perez
Web Exclusive: Emily and Charlie Perform 'Break Again'
514 days ago

Hi Ellen, Please listen to my song "Flashing Lights". I think you'll like this one. Dedication is the key and I opened my heart to this song and gave it my all. Please take the time to listen to it and the lyrics as well.
I really would like to perform on the show for you to this song.
ElevenEleven Records would be great for songs like this!!!