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Anthony Isaac
Name Anthony Isaac
Location Nanaimo, BC
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Hobbies Anything outdoors, carving, yoga, running,
About Me Anthony Isaac n’dizhinikaaz Bkejwanong Territory n’doonjibaa ajijaak odoodem, Kizhaay Anishinabe Ogitchidaa Niin. I am a kind Indigenous Warrior. Everyday I train to live within 7 grandfather teachers of love, respect, humility, bravery, truth, honesty and wisdom. Everything else falls into place.
Anthony Isaac
Win a Trip to Australia!
500 days ago

Ellen, DID YOU KNOW THAT you cannot say "Good eye might" without sounding Australian???? Thought you might like to know that for your trip. With that knowledge you and I could fit right in over there!!!!!!! hint hint* ;-) love ya and your beautiful soul,