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Anthony Cristo
Name Anthony Cristo
Location San Antonio, Texas
Age 43
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Hobbies Writing, Making people laugh
About Me I am now married to my Irish Queen. It took me 40 years to get with the perfect person for me and we are very happy together. My lifelong dream is to get my writing produced and eventually be a writer, producer and director.
Anthony Cristo
Jay Leno, Terry Crews
185 days ago

Worked with Terry Crews on "Idiocracy", "The Longest Yard" and "Get Smart". He brings so much positive energy to the set. He is a pleasure to work with and an all around great guy.

Anthony Cristo
About This Page
348 days ago

Dear Ellen,

20 years ago I promised my 84 year-old friend, Bill Ellis, that I would publish a book of his poems and short stories. I was only able to publish a handful of books using "borrowed" office supplies from the Law Firm I was working at during the Summer of '93. I never got his work into the hands of a legitimate publisher before he passed. Sadly, he passed away the following February. However, 20 years later I discovered self publishing on Amazon. Now "The Scribblings of Mr. Ellis" are available. Please give them a read and, if you like them, give them a plug on your show. I purposely priced it the lowest possible price because I want people to know the power of his writing. Here is a link to my FB page where I have my favorite of his poems reposted.