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Another friend of "Grace's"
Name Another friend of "Grace's"
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Another friend of "Grace's"
Heidi Klum, and Nikki Reed
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Ellen, I do not know Katie and I only recently met Grace, when she can to my hometown with her family to make arrangements for her brother who was killed in a tragic accident. I was a close friend of her brothers. When I met Grace, she was holding the most beautiful baby girl, she was strong and even smiling in spite of the face we were at her brother's memorial service. We became instant friends in that moment. I saw strength and courage in this woman whose world was falling apart. You would have never known. We shared photos of our children and stood talking for over an hour of our lives. We are both single mothers. She asked me how I was able to move forward after my divorce and shared with me her story. My heart broke for Grace. She is an incredible woman, sister, friend and mother. I hope that Grace is respected in this situation. I hope that this will not go un-dealt with and not acknowledged.