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Ellen, Please let's not forget that there are plenty of girls & women in this country that are a size 0 or 00 or 4 that are ridiculed daily for being too thin and are made to feel inadiqut thanks to today’s popular slogans like "Real Women Have Curves" and being excluded from Doves “Real Beauty” ads. My daughter is one of those girls. From grade school to young adulthood, my daughter has not lived a single day without someone commenting on how thin she is or making a wise crack like “go eat a burger”. I find it unfortunate that no one understands how comments like these can be just as hurtful as if your were to meet a larger person and then comment “gosh you’re really fat”. One young man, a perfect stranger, came up to her and told her she looked like a holocaust victim. She’s been harassed at work as well but the boss does nothing. I’m sure if it were ongoing comments to a larger person he’d have been fired. My daughter is now a young adult and it’s to the point she dreads going to work and is afraid to meet new people because she knows she’s going to hear comments about her size. Please note: My daughter has tried everything to gain weight. At one point, she was drinking up to 5 cans of coke a day. She also tried carbs, milkshakes and fast food but really, should she have to sacrifice her health and her teeth for social acceptance?

Friday evening, I came home to my daughter crying in bed (as I have many times in her life) after she watched your video “Fitch Please”. Your knock, knock joke about size 0 made her to feel as if she doesn’t or shouldn’t exist. If you really meant it that size doesn’t matter, why did you have to make a joke at the expense of thin girls? Being a single mom who doesn’t have the luxury or time watch daytime TV (I don’t have cable either) so I’m not sure if any of you ever looked into the issues thin girls have to endure but perhaps it’s time people start “seeing them”. Or, will we wait until the teasing gets so bad that one of these thin girls chooses not to exist. Check out this link:

My daughter is thin the way that God meant her to be. She is beautiful inside and out and is absolutely in every way a Real Woman!