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Annie Register
Name Annie Register
Location Murphy, NC
Age 47
Joined 422 days ago
Hobbies Gardening, crossword puzzles, reading, watching tv, especially Ellen, lol
About Me I am the mother of a son, Aaron 25, and a daughter, April, 22, plus I have q-tip, my cat who's 2 years old, and a dog named Baby, who's a few years, not really sure, she's a rescue dog....I love to cook, and I love to grow flowers, a garden..something about digging in the dirt and making beautiful things grow from a tiny seed, lol
Annie Register
Win Day 12 of 12 Days!
214 days ago

This SUX, I keep on entering (for years now) and never win anything!, no fair----I guess the only one's that win are the one's who can already afford all that stuff anyway & don't really Need it! Bah-humbug!

Annie Register
Message from Ellen
311 days ago

I'm right there with you on "Treasure", by Bruno Mars..I play that whole CD about a hundred times a day, lol. I got it for my birthday, which is Christmas Day, and I'm still listening to it and have my whole family liking 'treasure'! Love ya, love to dance too, I will be driving down the road, singing and dancing like crazy. No matter how bad one feels, music (and you!) always makes you feel 'Refreshed'.

Annie Register
Send Us Your Water Photobombs!
350 days ago

Ellen, my niece and I laughed until we were crying the other night at those clumsy thumbsy typo's..My family was actually laughing at me, I was laughing/crying so hard!..thank you;>)

Annie Register
Jessica Simpson, Jimmie Johnson
372 days ago

I tried to enter today and it had no submit on the page.....darn