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Annie Mullen
Name Annie Mullen
Location Amherst, NH
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Hobbies SCUBA diving, watching Ellen, reading, traveling, martini's
About Me I'm a happily married woman who enjoys being with my friends and husband. I have to work and I'm an office drone. I never figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up (perhaps I've not yet grown up), so I work to live a decent life and enjoy traveling and going SCUBA diving and having nice dinners out. I like reading novels (murder mysteries, sci-fi and funny novels). I love Kripalu yoga and Jazzercise.
Annie Mullen
Ellen's DJ of the Day: tWitch!
307 days ago

:-( I want Tony to come back. I miss Tony. Wondering about Tony and what he's doing...

Annie Mullen
Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
557 days ago

Great show today, love Jimmy and Nicole... however, Jimmy is a bit confused about what a baboon is. Baboons are scary (I've been to Tanzania), but what Jimmy was scared of was a Vervet Monkey. :-) They're crafty little buggers, and will steal your candy bar or lunch if you're not careful, but they're not as nasty as baboons. He is right about just giving up your life if a baboon is gunning for you though. I did LOVE the baby elephant video...stinkin' adorable!

Love you Ellen, congrats on your People's Choice award; you are the BEST. My husband and I begin our evenings with your show all week and we laugh and cry every day... thank you.

:-) annie