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Annie Lee
Name Annie Lee
Location Las Vegas, NV
Age 66
Joined 420 days ago
Hobbies love watching grandchildren football sports,and soccer,
About Me raise in christianity life,single mom loves family get togethers,hard work,love to involves in family developement,always caring and feel responsible to shares loves and help to others,
Annie Lee
Viola Davis, Snooki & JWoww
280 days ago

As you know I love your show,and always like it,when it comes very stessful and worries too much,can't concentrates in anything,I needed your help before of my family reunion as I always sent messages to you,it was'nt succeed,
Today the month of October,I am in a very critical financial situation during my company had cut lots of hours each week maybe because was the government been shut down,sales was slow.which I understands.I am asking for your great heart of love to assists my hardship as I need to have rent payment,as the eviction has served already,please I need your help!!!

Annie Lee
Jennifer Lawrence and an Incredible Surprise
389 days ago

I feel so great to wake up in mornings,have a cup of hot coffee,and the first thing comes in mind to go to the computer,to ELLEN's show of the day,and listen to story tellings of her special guests,then I go to work,I am happy to tell our co-workers about great stories of ELLEN's show I'd watched.People they interests to hear,and said,Ummm!I like to do that too,I said,Yes,it's a wonderful show will learns lot's of great things,and will ease minds from stress,before comes to work,will make your day work,after watching her funny comments,and funny questions asking to her's a great co-worker friends,said,oh!we love ELLEN! and will love to watch too. see how people loves you more ELLEN! Congratulation of your great sense of humor,and HAPPY FOURTH! ALee

Annie Lee
Message from Ellen
395 days ago

Hi!ELLEN,How are you?
Yes,it's me Annie Lee again,I love watching you and exciting people they're blessed for their surprises,especially watching your wonderful great heart of making people laughs,and crying,enjoying your great sense of humor,you're a person of interest to all,great personality,that relieves people from their hard times in life.
Thanks GOD! to have you involves to life of others in needs..Love you ELLEN.ALee..

Annie Lee
10th Anniversary Show
396 days ago

Ten years anniversary,and you still look young and gorgeous,still many,many years for your successful life in entertaining,and your loving givings,and so as most unforgetable person you are in the world.Beliefs in heart,the most loving person by many of people,the most successful and most protectors,as devoted hearts to you,is most important,and will in memory in all lifetime of people...LOVE as always,,ALEE

Annie Lee
Kate Hudson, Little Big Town and Sophia Grace & Rosie's Tea Time with Katy Perry! 
404 days ago

She's a loving,gorgeous lady Kate Hudson,she's bless of having a beautiful child in her life,thanks God of his love,bless all,especially ELLEN,will bless you more in God's love as always..ALee

Annie Lee
Ellen's Summer of 12 Days Tickets!
408 days ago

It's a tremendous show I watched last night,on channel 8,honoring your most loving by all people around the world,congratulation ELLEN!! your blessings as always,as you're an angel with a great heart of love,your wonderful characteristic,your honest smiles that attracts people and it touches our hearts with the inspirational feelings,that will never forget in lives of people,thanks God for your blessings,and will thank you ELLEN for your good heart to ALL...ALee....