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Annie Banez
Name Annie Banez
Joined 660 days ago
Hobbies singging, cooking, driving around, visitting friends, baby sitting grand kids.
About Me still married, loves dogs, oh by the way we just put our dog cosmo to doggie heaven. sick and 16 years old puddle. stays home with my husband manuel who loves you. I drives a 1997 mercury sable, connect with my old desk top computer whrn I get free air link. no cell phone. any way short cudlly and cute with long hair.
Annie Banez
Ellen Gets a Star on the Walk of Fame
657 days ago

Hello Ellen,
You are already a big big star. The star that you just get, That is to prove that, you are the biggest star on all of then put together. WE LOVE YOU ELLEN.

Annie Banez
Ellen and Portia's Anniversary Skywriting Through the Years
658 days ago

Hello Ellen and Porchia,
Congratulation on Wedding Anniversary, Love those pictures, Something different and special. we love you, manny more years to come.

Annie Banez
Message From Ellen
660 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Manuel my husband and I, watch your show everytime. I said every time because we don't have cable. we have one of that little box that got hook up on our big tv. one of those old big one's Manuels proud and joy. Me, I open my email when ever I get a free air timeit was called link. I was'nt steelling, because when I open my computer it conected to it, so I connect it. It dos'nt connec all the time . you know what I'm in, that is why I'm emailling you right now. I have to get in a hurry i could lose the line. oh, anyway it' about the car, You are giveing away cars, Oh my god I hope I get luky to get one, because my car is a 1997 Mercury Sable, I bout it for $200.00, it runs.I was thinking, if I wget lucky this October, my birthday is October 19, I'll be 68. Would it be a surprise to get one. If I can drive a 1997 Sable I can drive any car, I would'nt mind getting one of your old car. I'll be happy with that. Oh by the way Manuel he loves you, the only time I see him laught is when he's watching you show. I got to go I be loosi=sing air time. thanks ellen, Love you and Porcha, much. By by.