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Annie Angnos
Name Annie Angnos
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Hobbies I love to dance, swim, raft, fish, read and see my friends and family. I tape and watch Ellen everyday.
About Me I raised 4 kids alone. I love my job as a Head Start Teacher. I am taking care of my 96 year old mother.
Annie Angnos
Win a New Car from Hyundai Hope on Wheels
82 days ago

Hello, Your show said if someone needs a car to enter, they could win one. This is the only link I found. I thought "who could I think needs a car more than anyone". I thought of one person we all work with. I work with Head Start in Clackamas Oregon. Our cook travels near an hour a day to work and back. She has often had her car die at work. She is calling her son, family to save her. Once I asked a parent to jump her car so she could get home. Half way home her car died at a stop sign. A policeman wrote her a ticket for blocking traffic and if she didn't get it towed he would do it.. That would Cost her lots more.. She is often is saving her family. She has a grandchild living with her. Because her daughter was paying for school her daughter lost her apartment. (School was more important) Her daughter moved her in with her and her granddaughter. She lives in a motor home in a motor home park with a daughter, and two grand-kids. . The person I am talking about could really use a car to depend on!!!

Annie Angnos
Eva Mendes, Chris Paul
160 days ago

The lengths some people go through to cover up a fart. Just saying
:0 **** ;)

Annie Angnos
Message from Ellen
163 days ago

The Olympics in on. I don't get to watch Ellen. :(