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Anni Chenoweth
Name Anni Chenoweth
Location New Plymouth, Idaho
Age 58
Joined 624 days ago
Hobbies Nurture and Nature, taking care of husband, Bruce and beloved pets Biking/Hiking Gardening, Learning and Teaching Healthful ways, Naturally Wild Edibles(especially greens)
About Me I continue to be amazed at life and love. I grew up in Pennsylvania where, as a child I used to disappear into the countryside all day along with my German Shepherd dog named Honey, walking around making friends with nature. Now, I enjoy walking into the dark, looking up to appreciate the sky most nights around the Idaho/Oregon area, near I-84. The sky is absolutely amazing here! I have enjoyed 'playing' Twinkles the Clown (professional clowning for assorted gigs) for many years. This has been so perfect for me, getting paid big bucks for having fun, clowning around and dancing with children in the greater north-west area. Bruce, and I used to 'play music as DJs' for private parties - not so much call anymore, :o( Though we stayed busy with this for many years, so much fun! Tony can relate, I am sure! :o) Together, we prioritize, watch and really enjoy The Ellen Show!
Anni Chenoweth
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Kiefer Sutherland
536 days ago

Rosie and Sophia Grace are quite the charmers! You all make a great team chatting away in the moments you share through the amazing and wonderful tool known as the "tele".
I love you all so very much!
Thank you for adding these much appreciated moments of joy, feeding the universe such positivity, dropping moments of love and joy one-by-one, two-by-two, ... Simply wonderful!!!